Error '0' when using coregistration

PL help me about this error !!!
It should be noted that:
1- i increased memory in VM parameter ()13570m)
2- unfortunately i can not any processing in SNAP!!!
3- I uninstalled and reinstalled SNAP but the problem continues !!!
4- Edited the snap.conf file directly with a text editor !!!

Thanks in advance

based on your screenshot I see that your S1 products are from different orbits and tracks.
Coregistration is only effective for images of the same track.
Please have a look at this example: INSAR / DINSAR - Perpendicular baseline calculation

Are you planning to do interferometry or do you just need the images in one stack?

Thanks a lot for the quick answer:
AS u see below, S1 products are from same tracks.

I plan to do interferometry ( StaMPS Method)

But i can not to do any processing in SNAP by graph builder and batch processing tools !!!

when run these tools , after about 5 M , error 0 is shown

I used

After 5 M and about 10% , it stop

and below error appear ???

Thanks in advance

In this case I misunderstood your screenshot, sorry.
I don’t know where the error comes from then.

But for StaMPS, shouldn’t you simply split and deburst all scenes and then coregister them with back geocoding, as described here, instead of using the TOPS Coregistration?

Did you see the snap2stamps package? Snap2stamps package: a free tool to automate the SNAP-StaMPS Workflow
It does all the preprocessing for you, you just have to install python, prepare one master and edit the config file.

Wow really fast
Yah i saw the snap2stamps package. but i need to split, apply orbit and Co- registration and then export and

used the snap2stamps package.
is it right?

we can not work with SNAP !!!

Again thanks for your quick answer and tips


no, for snap2stamps you simply split the master image and apply the orbit file and put all other images as zips in a folder “slaves”.
The scripts do the rest.

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i also encounter this issue when my using 1 burst datasets. but it didnt occured when im using my 3 burst dataset.

for 1 burst dataset, i remove then ESD operator and no error. is it okey to remove the ESD?


Please take a look at the goal of applying ESD

"The Enhanced Spectral Diversity(ESD) technique [9] is applied for the retrieval of the fine (rigid)azimuth shift."

Source of the post

yes, if you only use one burst, you don’t need ESD.