Error "-11" when i use SLC to GRD

i try to elaborate this granule:
when i select Sentinel 1 TOPS, SLC to GRN i recieve this error:

I try to reduce the name without success.
How can i resolve this problem?

are you sure you need the SLC product? Why not downloading the GRD directly?

because of the parameters of multilook and specle filter that i want to test ( i already download the GRD product), by the way i’m interest also in the -11 error

I haven’t seen this -11 error before, sorry. But I will test your product on my computer and let you know.

Edit: Ok, at first try i received a -11 as well. After I changed some parameters, it switched to -7. This probably indicates that something at step 7 and 11 went wrong. I looked at the corresponding graph file but it consists of less single steps:


When you insert a TOPS Split before the processing, everything works fine. Plus, it processes considerably faster because of the reduced amount of data.

Here is the graph file: Sentinel1SLCtoGRDGraph_split.xml (4.9 KB)

And the result:

I don’t know what is the exact reason for this, but at least it solves the cryptic error message and produces correct outputs.

Thanks a lot

In the above mentioned steps, will the calibration output be saved to sigma nought ?? (since we want GRD data output) and the speckel filter mentioned is polarimetric one or the one used for GRD data.
second last step mentioned is GRD. Which operator is this???

you can download the xlm file and open it in the graph processing tool to see the operators and the parameters which were used.

Why am I getting such an error??

getting similar error when performing the steps explicitly.

Which version of SNAP, do you use?

Help—>check for update,

Similar error is discussed here,

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It’s also possible to run GRD operator at once without using GPT,