ERROR 183 Sen2cor

Hello everyone,

I am getting error 183 in the command line when executing sen2cor to process a product from 2016 with the version 2.9 but also tried with Sen2cor 2.8.

Has anyone faced the same issue before?

Thank you in advance

Not an expert in any way but considering you are using Windows and S2 data and you got that “Impossible to create a file that already exists” (I can read PT), have you considered using a small path for your data files? Windows has issues with long file names/paths and the S2 ones are really large.

Try to create something like c:\Data\kay and place your date in there and rerun the test…

Thank you for the help! tried your suggestion and unfortunately didn’t work. I ran dozens of files with same path and only this particular product gives error.
Again thank you!

Perhaps there’s an error with this file or perhaps you have already the output? Sometimes that error means that…
Let’s wait for an expert member to join the discussion.

Not an Sen2Cor expert, but just as a thought: have you tried to process several times the same product using Sen2Cor? If yes, then try to clean the temporary processing directory. Maybe Sen2Cor (or Windows, in your case) cannot overwrite the intermediate data files.

Hello, thank you for the help! Going to check in the manual how to clean the directory and will let you know. Many thanks