Error applying oribt file and on Tops co-register


I downloaded the orbit file for a Jan 4th S1 file and placed it in the location indicated by the help dialogue.

When I try to apply the orbit file I get the attached error.

If I try to Tops co-register the files, I get another orbit error


Orbit file error

Tops co-register error

Source of the Orbit File :

download the orbit file manually from the website you have mentioned, and place it in the orbit folder in your system. SNAP will recognise it automatically.

Hi Ben,

I downloaded the orbit file and put it in the specified directory. I still get the same error.

I have tried this procedure on both my work PC and home PC.

Any assistance is much appreciated as this is a barrier to my research.


have you tried the restituted orbits?

Yes Ben, I tried the restituted orbits and they worked.

Its a mystery to me why the precise orbit file does not work