Error: can't read "TMPConfigHdr": no PolSARpro Geocode Parameter


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to geocode parameter in PolSARpro but I am getting the following error. Kindly guide me where’s the problem?



Hello, I have encountered the same problem, have you solved it? If you know the solution, please guide me, thank you!


in the first post an external DEM was used for geocoding. I guess, this caused the metadata error.

Do you also use an external DEM?


Yes, because my computer can’t connect to the internet, so I used an external DEM. I am using version 5.1.3. Can I geocode without the internet?


your external DEM must be a GeoTiff projected in WGS84 (EPSG:4326). Can you please check if this is the case?
UTM or other coordinate reference systems are not supported by SNAP (could cause the error in PolSARpro).


Ok, I check the projection, thank you very much.