Error during gpt sen2cor processing: "unexpected character in markup"

Hi to all, I’m experiencing some problem in the gpt processing of Sentinel 2 products.

I resampled and subsetted those images through the graph processing tool using the GUI of snap. Now I want to apply the atmospheric correction to these images.

I have already tried to do this through the GUI successfully. Differently, the process fail when I try to do it through gpt into a Ubuntu 18.04 machine.

Every time I try to run the processing the software print an error alert that I cannot understand well:

Error:  : unexpected character in markup < (position: START_TAG seen ...</resolution>\n      <crOnly>\n      <<... @14:9)  :  : unexpected character in markup < (position: START_TAG seen ...</resolution>\n      <crOnly>\n      <<... @14:9) 
---- Debugging information ----
message             :  : unexpected character in markup < (position: START_TAG seen ...</resolution>\n      <crOnly>\n      <<... @14:9) 
cause-exception     :
cause-message       :  : unexpected character in markup < (position: START_TAG seen ...</resolution>\n      <crOnly>\n      <<... @14:9) 
class               : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElement
required-type       : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElement
converter-type      : com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.DomElementXStreamConverter
path                : /graph/node/parameters/crOnly
line number         : 14
class[1]            : org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.Node
converter-type[1]   : com.thoughtworks.xstream.converters.reflection.ReflectionConverter
class[2]            : org.esa.snap.core.gpf.graph.Graph
version             : 1.4.8

To allow a better comprehension of the problem I attach the used files: (14 Byte) atm280.xml (2,0 KB) p.bash (1,8 KB)

How can I solve?

Thanking you in advance I wish you to stay healthy during this COVID19 pandemic!

Hi Nicolo,

I experienced the same problem. I reinstalled my SNAP and since then I have this issue. I attached a gpt file which shows what you need to change to run it.



sen2cor1.xml (1.5 KB)

Hi csibregas,
thank you for your reply!
I managed how to do it… I used the standalone script looped into a for cycle in a bash script.
But I will test your xml for sure!