Error during reprojection of TerraSAR-X EEC product

Dear All,
I’m facing a problem when I try to reproject a TerraSAR-X EEC (Enhanced Ellipsoid Corrected) product.

The above returned error seems strange, since such product is already terrain corrected.

In addition to this, the geolocation of such products (I have tested a Spotlight-EEC and a Stripmap-EEC product) seems flipped (up-down flipped for the Spotlight one, left-right flipped for the Stripmap).

Are the TSX EEC products correctly read by SNAP?

Thank you very much

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Level 1.5 data products (also EEC) are not supported in SNAP.
Please have a look at this topic (same case but for ALOS data), it also suggests a workaround:

Dear Andreas,
Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn’t work.

The workaround (SAR-Mosaic with only the TSX image as input) generates flipped image, so the geocoding remains incorrect.

@lveci Is the support of this product type planned for a next release?

Hello There, I m having the same problem with Cosmo GTC_B data. I can t do reprojection because SNAP doesn t understand that the data is already Geocoded and asked me to perform terrainc correction or elipsoid Correction. But I can t do this (terrain correction or elipsoid correction ) because in the meta data, SRGR coefficient are missing…so how to perform a reprojection on this kind of this Data?
– in the while i study the workaround propose by gustavo, even if my problem is not related to terrain correction –