Error from dim to geotiff_important

I have a Tandem-X image that I converted intensity to db by using ‘linear to/from DB’ option and then by using Bandmath, I subtracted 50 from the result.
Then, I wanted to save only last band in geotiff. I used
file----export—getiff—subset----from band subsent, I only chose last band (made by bandmath)----in meta data, I selected ‘select non’—
But I got this massage. Do you know what can I do?

band maths creates virtual rasteres, that means they rely on other rasteres and are just read as logical expressions based on other ones. If you delete the original one which the band maths were based on, you can no longer open the virtual raster.

You should therefore create permanent rasters by right-clicking on the virtual rasters > Convert band and then save your product (File > Save product) before exporting subsets.

Thank you so much for reply. I did this but still I am getting that error.

What happens if you select “no” then?

The tif image does not open.

I just tried it myself and it works - did you really save your product after conversion of the virutal raster?

another option is to de-select “create virtual raster” in the band maths already.

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Yes thanks my friend :slight_smile: . It is working with de-select “create virtual raster” in the band math.