Error importing ALOS-2 L 1.5 CEOS in SNAP


I have downloaded sample data from the JAXA website ( I also noticed that ALOS-2 GeoTIFF is not supported in SNAP 6.0 (Windows).


Getting the following error when when doing: Import->ALOS-2 CEOS

can confirm the issue. File > Menu > Import > SAR Sensors > ALOS-2 GeoTiff leads to this error (no selection possible)


I tried File > Open > (Select "ALOS-2 GeoTiff in the filter) > Select one of the tif files

This loads some of the data, but not correctly, HH and HV are the same.

@jun_lu Can we add this as an issue?

Hi @ABraun, the error I was reporting is related to the ALOS CEOS using SNAP version 6.0 and also version 7.0 on Windows (but it looks like you have proved that the ALOS GeoTIFF import does not work either!).

What would you recommend in order to be able to process ALOS CEOS or GeoTIFF L1.5 since SNAP 7.0 does not work?


sorry, I was reading CEOS and thinking GeoTiff…

I tested the CEOS data as well now. I imported the data via File > Menu > Import > SAR Sensors > ALOS-2 CEOS and was able to load and display it correctly in SNAP 7
Have you installed all updates (Help > Check for Updates)?

Yes, you are right the import ALOS-2 CEOS works in SNAP 7.0.