Error in classification with different algorithms in graph builder

I am using reprojected Sentinel-2 data for land cover classification with different algorithms. I wanted to create model in graph builder, where I included all five algorithms and I wanted to write each result separately. I use training vectors and all available spectral bands from 2A level product (12 bands). When running the model the information that the Product already contains a band with the name ‘tmpVirtualBand_0’ appears.

I will be very grateful for any help how to solve it.

I will add that the classifications using separate tools come out correctly. I will be very greatful for any advice what is wrong with the use of graph builder for this.

This looks like a bug in the implementation of the classifiers. Each classifier should use a unique name for temporary bands.

That’s correct @gnwiii.
The classifiers share a base implementation. Simultaneous use wasn’t thought of.
I’ve created an issue for this.
Sentinel Application Platform - Issues - JIRA (

@marpet thank you for this clarification ! Due to your suggestion, I did it as below, it’s probably not exactly as graph theory states, but it works in parallel :slightly_smiling_face:

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