Error in Cygwin

Hello Dear
I get this screenshot Error in Cygwin, when I prepare to unwrapping phase with Snaphu Compiler
Can one tell me what is wrong ?
I do all the instructions in Step Forum topics. So after I progress unwrapping phase, the process extended over 12 Hour without success ending of process.

cc -O3
snaphu_tile.o snaphu_solver.o snaphu_io.o snaphu_util.o snaphu_cost.o snaphu_cs2.o
-o …/bin/snaphu
cp …/bin/snaphu /usr/local/bin;
cp …/man/man1/snaphu.1 /usr/local/man/man1/
cp: cannot stat ‘…/man/man1/snaphu.1’: No such file or directory
Makefile:42: recipe for target ‘install’ failed
make: *** [install] Error 1