Error in exporting data to ENVI file format

Hi, everyone. I have issue in exporting data to ENVI file format.

I imported shape file and converts shapefile to band by using BandMath Operation. After all, I’ve tried to export it with ENVI file format. But only the imported shapefile band was not saved while the other bands were saved well. Is there any solutions about this problem??


The NDWI, NDCI, FAI bands in above images are saved well. But the aquaculture, band from shapefile, is not saved at all. All bands are from Sentinel-2 data and calculated by band math operation.

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I just found the solution. After converting shape file to band data by using Bandmath operation, it needs to be processed by clicking “convert to band” tab. Finally, we can fully use the shapefile as band data.

Then, I have another question here. What’s the difference between Bandmath operation and Convert to band operation? Why are two operations with the same function separated?

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Band Maths creates a virtual band. Only the expression ist stored in the product data model. This can’t be stored by the ENVI format. In BEAM-DIMAP or ZNAP format you can save disk space with this option.
The convert to band operation turns the virtual band into a real. The image data is stored.
You can achieve the same when unchecking Virtual option in the Band Maths dialog.

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