Error in exporting output (kmz file)


Hi, I am a new user of SNAP toolbox.
I am using sentinel 1 GRDH data for flood area identification. I have done everything until export file.
After masking, I am trying to export data (view as Google Earth KMZ) but there have shown
Could you please help me to finish this work?


It just might be too large.
I have had that error for whole GRD (it gives another error with this, smth about scanlines and about pixel counts), but it works well with smaller subsets.
I haven’t read about KMZ format limitations yet, but I guess the answer might be there.


Thank you so much. It is working now.


We know this issue already and we have it on the list of the to be improved.
Have a look at this issue SNAP-301.
Have also a look at the link in the comments for more information.

Problems when exporting image to kmz format

Thank you so much.