Error in GPT while running it from python

I am using a computer connected to internet with some proxy settings. I am using the the following code to run my graph file using gpt from python.

      import os
      os.environ["http_proxy"] = "http://username:password@your_proxy:your_port" 
      os.environ["https_proxy"] = "https://username:password@your_proxy:your_port"
      cmd = "gpt preprocessing.xml input_file intermediate_output"

The issue with this is that the command pronmpt was unable to retrive the http and download the required data. Following is the screen shot of cmd :

command prompt was able to access the internet. I can say this because

  import os
  os.environ["http_proxy"] = "http://username:password@your_proxy:your_port" 
  cmd1 = "conda install -c conda-forge pyinstaller"

This code was working perfectly and was able able to download required packages for installing the “pyinstaller” module sucessfully.

So, I think problem arises only with gpt. I want to know where I am going wrong and how to solve this issue.

I replied already to your other post.

I tried but it is not working. Facing same error.

Issue while trying to List all modules from the command line


Which way have you used to configure the proxy, the GUI or the file. Or both?
Have you asked your IT admins? Maybe they can help you with the configuration.

I have used both the options ie. via GUI and

gpt tool is not making use of http_proxy and https_proxy variables. we have set both at command prompt and gui and even changed Nothing is working out. I think it is a bug in the software itself. weather gpt tools is looking for different variable for http and https proxy. Kindly, look into the problem and tell the solution from your end .