Error in install sen2cor2.4.0 in windows 8

when i want to use Anaconda-dependent packages in windows 8, by using the version of anaconda 2-4.2.0, with the version of sen2cor 2.4.0, i confronted the error:
python is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

i do not know how to solve it. please help me

actually, if you use version 2.4 you don’t need Anaconda any longer. You just run L2A_process

is it possible to send me, how i must run it?

because i have the installation instruction based on anaconda and python.

2.4 brings its own python version you can directly use it. Instructions here:

again i confronted error.
i must delete the anaconda?

or it relates to ArcGIS software which i used it in my computer?

if you don’t need it any longer, you can delete Anaconda, yes.
ArcMap has its own version of Python.

thank you for your help

i can install it , but i can find it in snap software

after installing it, what i do?

what do you mean about these sentences : If the processor replies as shown above without any error, you are ready to process. If you add the directory containing the L2A_Process.bat file to your path, you can call the processor directly from the directory where you host the Level-1C user products.

The configuration data of the processor are by default copied into the folder “sen2cor” inside the Document directory of your home folder.

i create l2process.bat as variable with value of its directory in environmental variable,

but i could not find the sen2cor in snap,

i must install sen2cor with plugin in the SNAP software?

by now, you cannot use it from inside SNAP (see here: Error: sen2cor and here Sen2Cor 2.4.0, Stand-Alone Installers, How To Install)

But you can start it from the command line.
Simply open the command prompt in a folder where your S2 data (the folder ending with .SAFE) is located (
There you type:
L2A_process --resolution 10 NameOfTheFolder.SAFE

Replace NameOfTheFolder.SAFE with the actual folder name. Instead of typing it down, you can enter the first letters and then hit the tab key to complete the full path name.

All this is described in the manual, chapter 3.3.1

To be able to run it from any location, you need to add the path of the folder where sen2cor is installed to your system’s PATH variable: