Error in launching PolSARPro from SNAP

Dear Forum

When I try to launch PolSARPro from SNAP I get the error message “Cannot find TCL wish.exe to launch PolSARPro”.

I use SNAP 5.0 and PolSARPro 5.0 in Lubuntu 16.04.

Thank you

It seems the path to PolSARPro is not properly configured.
And I couldn’t find any documentation what needs to be done.
@lveci can you help?

Infact. At the end I solved using the polarimetric tools of S1TB. Very useful. Thank you very much

The respective locations of PolSARPro and TCL are specified in the properties file called “” as parameters “external.polsarpro.path” and “external.TCL.path”.

The file “” resides in

E.g., these two lines will appear in the file:
external.polsarpro.path=C:\Program Files (x86)\PolSARpro_v5.0\PolSARpro_v5.0.tcl