Error in naming granule?

Hi to all,

There is a name of a product, for example:
20160618T042324 - Equals to date when is uploaded to apihub
20160609T094034 - Equals to date when image is ingested.

Now, in most of the tiles, GRANULE Name should have same date as ingested date in product name, but in this particular granule and in some others I found, that isn’t a case. Granule name is:
20160616T114753 - Is the date in Granule name.

Which one Ingestion date is true? In Product name or in Granule name?
I must have proper ingestion date, so I must know this to change name of my files to have proper ingestion date.


Hi Stefan,

The product you identify is a product that was acquired on the 9th of June. This means it was processed with version 02.03 of the processor. This version of the processor was identified as having issues (see Table 7 in the latest DQR

All 02.03 products were reprocessed with the precursor version (02.02) and released to the SciHub. All 02.03 products were removed from the SciHub.

So what you see here is a product that was acquired on the 9th of June, reprocessed from 02.03 to 02.02 on the 16th of June (EPA denotes the reprocessing centre - E-PAC - in Madrid), and ingested into SciHub on the 18th of June.

I hope this helps.



S2 MPC Operations Manager

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