Error in open .xml with SNAP 6.0.3

Hello for all
I have a problem with the new version of SNAP 6.0.3.

I can open the xml file with SNAP 6.0.0 of S2-L1C or anyone image

But when I installed SNAP 6.0.3 i can’t open the .xml file

also when installing the Sen2Cor 2.5.5. pugin the error appears:

Sentinel-2 Level 2A Processor (Sen2Cor). Version: 2.5.5, created: 2018.03.19, supporting Level-1C product version <= 14.5 started …
Product version: 14.5. Operation mode: PDGS. Processing baseline: 02.06.
** Selected resolution: 20 m.**
Process L2A_ProcessTile-1:
Traceback (most recent call last):
** File “C:\Users\montini.martin.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64\lib\multiprocessing\”, line 258, in _bootstrap**
** File “C:\Users\montini.martin.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 133, in run**
** if not self.process_20():**
** File “C:\Users\montini.martin.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 153, in process_20**
** self.config.readPreferences()**
** File “C:\Users\montini.martin.snap\auxdata\Sen2Cor-02.05.05-win64\Lib\site-packages\sen2cor\”, line 3762, in readPreferences**
** par = node.ESACCI_WaterBodies_Map**
** File “src/lxml/lxml.objectify.pyx”, line 229, in lxml.objectify.ObjectifiedElement.getattr (src\lxml\lxml.objectify.c:3835)**
** File “src/lxml/lxml.objectify.pyx”, line 450, in lxml.objectify._lookupChildOrRaise (src\lxml\lxml.objectify.c:6539)**
AttributeError: no such child: ESACCI_WaterBodies_Map

Could you help me?

Hi Ale,

I think that something was wrong during your update. In your second image they are some missing items in the menu (Radar for example). Perhaps are the toolboxes deactivated? Could you check if your S2TBX kit module is active and the version is 6.0.1?

Thank you #obarrilero for your answer.
The plugin Sentinel-2 Toolbox kit Module is installed

I installed and desinstalled several times the SNAP, the Sen2Cor and its don’t work.