Error in ps_plot_ifg & After SNAP, NAN make StaMPS unable to calculate

Hello everyone

I recently started learning StaMPS to handle PS-InSAR. Encountered some problems:

  1. When using ps_plot_ifg, the error occurred:
  2. Because NAN often occurs in SNAP processing, there are many problems in StaMPS that cannot be calculated because of NAN in many steps:
  3. How do I convert the StaMPS result (ps_plot) into a tiff or other coordinate file? I want to use it for subsequent GIS analysis. Please give pointers.
    (Output to kml has been successful)

Thank you very much.

The NaNs related issue should be solved if you download from github the latest version (not the latest official released, but the developers version).

Regarding StaMPS results, if you plan to go to a GIS system it should be immediate or simpler to export in csv file and then import in the GIS and from there, if desired do the conversion to tiff… That is what I do when I want to work with the results into GIS.

I hope this helps

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Thank you very much for your advice.
I found the code that you said about solving NAN on github, I will try again.
Currently I am exporting the StaMPS results to acsii and I will try to use GIS again.
thank you~

@JAMIE can you please send me ps_plot.m file of yours.
I have completed all the 8 steps but could’t plot any reslut.