Error in reading COSMO SCS_B Wide Region

I am trying to import/open into SNAP 3.0 a Cosmo SkyMed Wide Region product, SCS_B level in hdf5 format.
When I do so, after a bit of “Reading Product” a second window appears with the following error:

[input=<<path to the .h5 fil>e>]: tiePoints.length == gridWidth * gridHeight

While SNAP is able to read HIMAGE (SCS_B and GTC) without problems.

As further information, I’ve also SNAP 2.0.2 installed on my PC (on a different folder) and it gives the same problem. OS is Windows 10 64bit.

Can the problem be related to the image? or to SNAP?


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Could you provide the dataset so I could investigate the problem?

Okay I can do this, but there is a way to send you privately a link to download the dataset?

Hi guys,
I get the same problem. Here is a link where anyone can download a zip file to check for it self:

Sorry, Forgot to say. I’m using Ubuntu 14.04 and the latest SNAP version 3.0

Thanks, the problem was cause by a tie point grid. It’s been fixed and I’ll issue an update later this week.

:open_mouth: So fast? Thanks a lot.

Update S1TBX 3.0.3 released today includes this fix.