Error in SNAP - StaMPS processing of RS2 data: "Index in position 1 is invalid"

it would be great if you can put up ur work as a step by step process as it would be much useful for the ones using stamps in windows and i am desperately waiting for it… Because i am so confused with stamps…

i have done stamps export in SNAP for PSI… and i dono how to proceed after this in windows… can you help me please…

first you have to install snaphu, triangle, matlab as listed in the StaMPS manual

You can skip the other modules (DORIS, ROI_PAC) because these steps are skipped by the preparation with SNAP.

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i already have snaphu and matlab installed… I should install triangle now… What about stamps?? i should install that too ryt?

i downloaded triangle but i dont see any file for installation

Did you check up the tutorial by @thho, the installation is very clear and step by step, in case you’re working under cygwin or/and under Linux.

i saw it but i couldn’t understand as it is much focussed on linux… I need it with windows… so i am unsure what i am supposed to do

Is it possible to make your computer double boot?, in this case you’ll overcome many problems. The aforementioned tutorial then fit to your case.

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StaMPS was developed for Linux. If you want to run it in Windows you will have to do the translation work by yourself. Currently, no instructions are compiled on how to accomplish this from a-z but ttolhurst gives an advise on triangle above. I agree with @falahfakhri that running in Linux solves many problems regarding the installation. Basic Linux handling and knowledge on command line scripting is still required.

With StaMPS you reach levels of processing that are no longer featured within a graphical user interface, at least when provided for free. Commercial software like ENVI SARScape or SARPROZ allow PS processing in a graphical user interface.

i am planning to double boot my system…

should i install matlab in linux environment after double booting? i have snap, matlab in my windows OS…

I think all the requested software, and plugins should be under the same environment, Under Linux,

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then u mean that i should install snap and matlab in the linux environment?

Yes, and let’s ask also our colleagues @ABraun and @thho might be they have some instructions,

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sure… i would be interested in their response as well…

I would recommend a linux environment with all your needed apps…Matlab on Linux is highly recommended, as StaMPS later on uses multiple free software packages which are native for Unix based OS, as snphu etc.

Here is a step by step tutorial how to setup your system for doing the workflow you want to do

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thank you so much @thho
Should i install snap in linux environment as well?

Instsall everything in your Unix based OS :wink: snap is super easy to install on linux, but it is all explained in the documentation I posted above.

I recommend using Kubuntu 18.04.2 LTS, when you come from a Windows world, the Desktop is somehow similar but the handling much more intuitive (my opinion) and the Ubuntu in the background makes the handling super easy or less complicated when you are not that familiar with Unix based OS

Hope you enjoy using a Unix based OS, it really has the potential to change your way of analysing RS data and everything…


thank you so much @thho

While carrying out this process “Configure snappy SNAP - Python interface” i am getting an error as unable to locate package python-jpy

What should I do?