Error in StaMPS -step 2

Dear all:
It’s been a little over 20 days since matlab closed when I run the command: stamps (2,2), right in step:
PS_EST_GAMMA_QUICK: Calculating patch phases…

Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution, nor has anyone to give me an answer to the problem.
I have done the steps in SNAP manually and automatically (snap2stamps) without any error.

Can anybody help me please?

Have you installed Debian’s Matlab support package? Your problem may more appropriately addressed by Mathworks. Did you send a report?

Thanks for answering.

I have sent the report to Mathworks and they tell me that the error is due to the use of a third-party tool.

I have followed your suggestion and installed Debian’s Matlab support package and the problem persists.

The response from Mathworks rules out some mishandling of StaMPS’s Matlab code, but may mean the error occurred in user compiled code. Your post omits the bulk of the Matlab crash report which could tell us which StaMPS program has a problem. I you are familiar with the ldd command in linux you can use it to check for problems with the runtime libraries needed by the StaMPS (including Python) utilities. The “simple” fix may require rebuilding the utilities on your debian system.

Sorry for the delay in answering your comment, but I have been sick and I have not been able to work anymore. Fortunately, I am fine and I can continue.
I am not very familiar with linux, but I will try to follow your advice by consulting friends.
The complete error that Matlab returns me is the following.
matlab_crash_dump.32594-1 (14.6 KB)
Thank you very much for your help.

Glad you are doing OK.

The crash occurs in the C++ runtime library. My guess is that the crash occurs because Debian 10 Buster’s version of the library differs from the one used to build Matlab, but the support package is supposed to work around the differences. Did you get the same error after you installed the support package? You may need help from an experienced Debian user to sort out a problem in the support package.

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