Error in StaMPS(step6)

Dear all, I find the error"Error using / ,Matrix dimensions must agree." when I run step 6 in StaMPS. I have no idea with it and look forward your answer. 01

I think you have to install snaphu

Thanks for your reply, I check my snaphu and it has installed, the error still exists.

Oh so sorry but i am not sure about that… Thanks !!

Have you installed snaphu program for unwrapping?

Setparms unwraped grid size to 5 and try again steps 6

yes.I have installed.

a) What about your PC RAM size and how many interferograms are used for PSI?
b) Have you completed the stamps(1,8)?

  1. RAM:10G. interferograms :16
  2. It has the same problem as sunzhe-96 in the Stamps(6,6).
  3. It has the problem runing ps_plot(‘w’) after stamps(5,5) .

I think RAM will not enough. Please try with less Area of Interest (select only two to three brusts).

As the error message states, it might be sufficient to increase the array size limit in Matlab to avoid this error.