Error: Incomplete expression


My target is to run C2RCC module.

I am trying to add this formula , “c2rcc_flags.Valid_PE” to each band to remove invalid pixels but I got the attached error.

The second thing is why the flags file not appear when I open the image in SNAP?

Also when I open properties for each band, it written reflectance even the image is L1 C.

I already did these process before and succeeded but I am managing to repeat it and change the resolution to 60 m instead of 10 m.

Thank you so much for you support.


You don’t mention what you are trying to accomplish.

The original expression B1.raw > 0 has values of either True or False, known as a “Boolean Expression”, and uses a band as input. Flags generally refer to Masks, which (use flags selected in Mask Manager) are another way to select data. The advantage of Mask Manager is that you can easily mask with multiple flags.