Error installing 3rd party plugin for sentinel3toolbox

Cheers people!
I try to install some plugins developed for SICE project ( and one is giving me headaches. I got the following error The plugin org.esa.s3tbx.s3tbx.idepix is requested in version and if my presumptions are right the problem is with the sentinel 3 toolbox idepix which of course is installed on my pc. Someone encountered this problem before??(image no.1 is the error when I try to install the plugin and image no.2 is the proof that my sen3tbx is installed and up to date)

Actually the s3tbx-snow plugin should not have a dependency to Idepix.
May I ask where you got the plugin from and which version it has?

Idepix is since S3TBX version 7.0.0 not any longer part of the toolbox but it is available as a seperate plugin. You can select it from the ‘Available Plugins’ tab in the Plugin Manager

@marpet I’ve installed all the available plugins that i can find in the plugins menu (see the image attached). I’ve downloaded the plugins from a ftp hosted by Brockmann Consult and this particular plugin version is 1.0.( ||see the link for ftp credentials)
I really don’t understand why I get this error :confused:

I guess you’ve selected the s3tbx-snow-2.1.nbm plugin from the s3snow_final directory.
If you want to use this, you also need to install all the other plugins which are provided there.
But I think it is better if you use the s3tbx-snow-2.3-SNAPSHOT.nbm plugin, which is directly located in the software folder. I guess this will work better. If not, you need to wait a few days. The developer who can help with this is currently on travel.

The error happens because the plugin refers to another plugin idepix-olci-s3snow-1.0.nbm which existed only for a short time period. And wasn’t made publicly available, but it is in the same s3snow_final directory.

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Thank you very much @marpet. I will install s3tbx-snow-2.3-SNAPSHOT.nbm right now. Thank you again! Cheers!

@marpet The developer that you we’re talking about returned from his trip? I need some tips from someone from developing team. Thanks!

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, he is back and should show up here soon.

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