Error installing sen2cor 2.3.1 in my windows 8.1 system

Is sen2cor 2.3.1 installed in windows 8 or 8.1 system??
please help me. The last version of python anaconda was sucessfully installed and then I can`t install sen2cor 2.3.1.


you have to navigate to your sen2cor folder and execute “python install”(execute directly “python install” without executing “python” before).

I installed it according to the video on youtub about sen2cor installation.
It’s not working

as obarrilero said, you don’t start python separately.

Just enter it in one line: python install

When I entered python install in a command line, it failed.

you need to open it in the directory where you downloaded sen2cor and extracted the files. needs to be there.

I have installed Anaconda3 4.3.1 -Windowsx86 x64 on my windows 8.1. And as you said before, I gave the cmd python install from the directory where the file exists. I receive a error that openjp2.dll not found

Please help !!