Error latGrid null in Node TOPSAR-Split

Could someone help me with the following error when running the script of snap2stamps:
python project.conf

It seems that the variable latGrid…but I do not know how to deal with this error to continue with the process.

Thank you in advance

Sorry, I wanted to say the script (not
This error is probably related to the SNAP version. I solved it by generating a new graph slave_split_applyorbit.xml with my current version (8), as with the case of master_split_appyorbit.xml.
If the error persists, it is also related to the erroneous value in IW1 parameter of the project.conf, for example, writing IW1=2 instead of IW1=IW2. See this post:
Error: [NodeId: TOPSAR-Split] [latGrid] is null

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