Error message - No appropriate product reader found

Hi guys,

Probably a really silly question but I am trying to open some Sentinel 2 data I downloaded form the Esa website. However when i try to open the product within SNAP I keep on getting this error message.

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Thanks Harry

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the xml you selected is the wrong one. There should also be one with MTD in the filename, beginning with

Thanks this solved it!

Erroy message appear again in opening data of 2020 ,but can open data of 2016 successfully, snap7.03,Why?

Is it just one product of 2020 or all of them?

If one, please make sure it was downloaded correctly.
If multiple products, please check if you have installed all updates (Help > Check for Updates)

Thanks you,all plugins have updated.,all of 2020 products were cann’t open via can open as common yestaday.I’ll reinstall snap7 and updated it .

is it different via File > Import > Optical Sensors > Sentinel-2?

I’m re-downloading the same s1 file and have a try. and feedback soon