Error: [NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File]

I just downloaded the snap,and two images from this site.

now I want to do S-1 TOPS coregistration
on first tab I choose the master image but the Read(2) tab doesn’t work, before choosing the slave image I get an Error 443 Connection time out!

I am using windows OS, with 32G RAM

appreciate any help,thank you

Seems like the orbit database was not available or accessible. Maybe you can make sure that your firewall allows snap64.exe internet access (url).

besides that, the TOPS Coregistration is quite computationally intensive, I recommend to split it into single parts, especially the reduction of bursts saves a lot of time and avoids errors. An example is given in this tutorial: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

Was there ever a solution to this issue? I am setting up SNAP on a new computer and I have never seen this issue before. As soon as I click on Read(2) to select the slave, I get this error below.
Error: [NodeID: Apply-Orbit-file]

Please make sure that all updates are installed.

Thanks. All updates are installed. It ended up being a firewall issue. Got it figured out.

Glad to hear. How did you solve it?

I had to make the firewall allow snap64.exe internet access.
Not a big deal, just haven’t run into that problem before while setting up a system for interferometric processing.

good to know, thank you. I have marked it as the solution.

I have tried almost all of the possible issues given on step forum but still having the same problem. Also snap is unable to install plugins due to connection error or proxy error, it has access through firewalls.
Any solution for that?

You are running an outdated version of SNAP that is trying to contact obsolete locations. Please uninstall version 8 and install SNAP 9.0:

thank you. its working now