Error:[NodeId: Apply-Orbit-File] XML document structures must start and end within the same entity

Hello everyone
I processed the the follow image:
When I preformed Apply Orbit File tool,it occurs an Error:

I tried other images, the same error occured. And the graph builder also had the same error.
I do not know how to deal with it,Please help me.
Thanks a lot for any help!

Please share the XML file of the graph.
Have you modified somehow in a text editor?

Thanks for your reply!

The garph is : Subset → Apply-Orbit-File → Calibration → Speckle-Filter → Terrain-Correction.
I did not moidfied anywhere.
And I have another question:when I open the XML file of the graph I saved before, it takes many time to change the output file. I do not know why it is so slowly.

I am waitting for your reply. Thank you very much!

Can you please upload the file here?

The orbit module is slow in the graph: Graph builder not connecting graph

Are all updates installed?

This is my XML file of the graph:
yn_S1_sub_Graph1.xml (6.7 KB)
SNAP reminds me that somewhere need to update, but I have not insdtalled:

Sometimes after I used the subset module in the graph builder, I preformed speckle fliter and Terrain Correction model,it is a error that:

Maybe it is because I have not installed updates? Or my computer did not have enough space? I can not to free the space such as “gpt(snappy)+python”. Could you help me?

Thanks very much!

yes, updates are necessary for the software to run correctly. They are usually not very large.

It is also possible that SNAP cannot download the orbit files because the disk space is full.
Have you deleted temporary files and cache in your system?

The graph works for me,

I suppose all is related to insufficient space. Temporary files (as produced after every step in the graph builder) cannot be written correctly, no space to download orbit files and DEMs for terrain correction,…

Thanks a lot!
I will install updates of my SNAP.
I delered the orbit files here:
The graph works.

Thank you so such!

great, good job!

Thank you very much!