Error: [NodeId: StampsExport] The Product ‘...’ already contains a band with the name

Dear all

I followed the steps in this video, but there was an error in the last step.
When I am running “StaMPS Export”,the following screen will appear.

I know that many people have this problem, but have not seen an effective solution, hope someone can answer it!
Thank you very much!!

you probably used VV and VH during the TOPS Split operator. This causes problems because you have the same date twice in the stack.
Please select only VV polarization during TOPS Split. This will also reduce the amount of processed data by 50%.

Thank you for your help, the problem is solved!

Dear @ABraun,
I am facing this error too, I’ve already checked all bands in the geocoded result, they are all VV polarization.
I also saved master Split and orbit files into a separate folder.
Is there any other way to forbid this error that I haven’t considered yet?

Hard to tell without more information, the reason lies in the combination of both dates which should not occur twice per analysis