Error: [NodeId: Subset] Operator 'SubsetOp': Could not parse geometry

Hi everybody,
I started recently to use GPT in order for a user to be able to get a subset of the image only giving me a AOI copy / pasted from Wicket.
I tried to create a very simple graph to write a subset into a .dim
I am using the ‘$’ to be able to use gpt in my cmd console, but when I paste my polygon, I have an error : Error: [NodeId: Subset] Operator ‘SubsetOp’: Could not parse geometry.

Does anybody have an idea ?

Do you have an example of the xml where you’re using the $?

Hi everybody I will answer because I actually found the solution looking pretty much everywhere ! :slight_smile:
When writing “-Ppolygon=POLYGON((…))” I didnt put quotes …
The way to do it is actually : "-Ppolygon=‘POLYGON((…))’ "

Well I hope it helps if anybody has the same problem.

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Thanks for leaving the solution. Run into the same problem!!