Error: Not able to write product file

Hi everyone, so for the past month I’ve been using SNAP to process S1 images with no issue. However, just a few days ago I ran into an issue when I go to calibrate an S1 image: without fail, it give the error message "A problem occurred during the target product processing, Type: OperatorException, Not able to write product file (see image for file name):


What I think might be the issue: sometime last week, my PC synced with my school’s OneDrive (hence why there’s the “OneDrive” after “C:\Users\My Name”, previous the file was just “C:\Users\My Name\Documents\Calibrated images”, and there were no issues on the SNAP end.

Is the error message because the directory (technically) changed?

You can change the location of the OneDrive folder as described here: Change the location of your OneDrive folder

But do you really want live synchronization if all your data? Especially for SAR preprocessing you generate a lot of redundant data sets. All this consumes bandwidth and server space. So maybe processing sadat on your local drive and putting the result on a cloud drive (for further use on another machine) is sufficient.

Besides, long path names and spaces in path names cause problems as well and should be avoided. So C:\OneDrive\SAR for instance would be better.

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I agree with @ABraun, but would add that you may need to discuss this with your IT group so they are aware of your use case and can provide a suitable location for SAR processing data. When you do this it is important to mention the path length and “no spaces” restriction and also your desire to avoid using resources for redundant data and intermediate files that can be discarded when your processing is finished.