Error opening RCM data products

SNAP 8.0 will not open RCM products if you point it to either the *.zip file or the ‘product.xml’ file.
There is a work around by pointing it to the ‘’ file (thank you Sophie for sharing this trick!) but that is not an obvious thing to do given that the suggested extensions for RCM data products are *.xml and *.zip. Moreover, this trick is not mentioned in the Help information. So, as always more fixing/polishing to do … peanuts compared to developing the entire ingest which is a much appreciated addition to this latest SNAP version … thank you for that!

thank you for reporting - @jun_lu are we already aware of this?

A JIRA ticket has been created to track the issue ( We will look into it

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We have tried to open the *.zip product with SNAP v8.0 and could not repeat the problem. The on-line help has been updated to change the product opening file to Thanks for reporting the problem

Hi, FYI the method I used to get around the error opening RCM products: performing an “unzip” command on linux. In my experience some of the zip files had an unexpected format: if I placed several RCM zip files in the same folder and unzipped them, I noticed that more than one file would produce a file with the same name that would be overwritten/stomped (might have been SIP_MANIFEST.xml). I’m not sure if that was the problem that caused the error, however an unexpected structure to the zip file could be one thing that could cause an issue… (whatever the JavaScript-filesystem equivalent of a Seg-fault is, from going out of bounds / up a level in the hierarchy)… just an idea. Look forward to following the thread if there is an update. Thanks for looking into this @jun_lu ! cheers

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P.S. @jun_lu the error opening RCM data product was for some data set but not others. I could provide file name(s) by direct message if that is helpful. cheers