Error opening S2A product

Hello All,
I have a problem when i try to open this product:

the errore message from Snap v5.0 is:
unable to get metadata from jp2 images associated to product

Is there a solution for solve this ?
Thanks ,

Did the download process go properly? Did you move some files of the product folder to another path?

Hi MCG, thanks for your reply; No I didn’it move any files of the product. After download the product unzip the file and then I open it with xml. I verified that the problem is for more product on the same geographic area.
I tried to download the data several times.

Hi, Biagio

This is the S2A_OPER_MTD_SAFL1C_PDMC_20161002T150945_R022_V20150823T101016_20150823T101725 product in SNAP 6.0:

I got this product from‘072e8a5d-d8b6-416f-ae23-6ed7c7b9b8a3’)/$value

If this is the same product as yours, then I would propose that the issue is somewhere in your download.



S2 MPC/CC Operations Manager


Hi Jan, thanks for reply. I understood where I was wrong; I have always unzipped the file before open it in snap 5.0. Now I have installed Snap 6.0preview5, and then I have opened the same files without unzip, directly.
I have always opened the optical product s2 after unzip them except this older prodcut … but in any case, I thank you for helping me.


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