Error :S-1 TOPS coregistation with ESD

i am working S-1A SLC for INSAR ,when I finished with S-1 TOPS coregistation with ESD,the result show as :

i dont know what’s wrong ?
I am using Snap 7.0 & 8.0 on windows 10
Anyone can help me
Thanks so much!

can you please post the IDs of the input products you used and which sub-swaths and bursts?

i used the S-1A data IDS:

i dont know when happened, maybe some updates was finished .

besides above data , i try much more data ,the problem remains unresolved.

can you please try to run the steps ony by one and visually check each result to see when this weird pattern occurs?

You find the instructions here: Sentinel-1 TOPS interferometry

I delete the program and user’s config files of ’ C:\Users\P53ye.snap’, and setuped it again. it work well!
So I think the config files of ’ C:\Users\P53ye.snap’maybe have some wrongs!