ERROR: saving ENVI file to BEAM-DIMAP

SNAP 2.0-beta-08

Be aware that when importing ENVI files and saving to BEAM-DIMAP will produce an output with modified pixel size and extents.


original ENVI:
samples = 6384
lines = 5753
(UTM, 1.000, 1.000, 775809.750, 9753580.250, 1.2500000000e+001, 1.2500000000e+001, 20, South, WGS-84, units=Meters)

samples = 6384
lines = 5753
map info = {UTM,3193.5,2877.5,815715.3143892288,9717623.999110222,12.497827529907227,12.497827529907227,20,South,World Geodetic System 1984,units=Meters}

Yes you are right. They are slightly different.
The difference in pixel size is probably caused by some internal data type conversion. If I see it correct it is less then 0.3 cm.
The difference in northing and easting values come from the usage of a different reference pixel. Envi uses the uper left pixel and in BEAM-DIMAP the center pixel is used.
Thanks for being such attentive.