Error: sen2cor

The program execution output an error

installed successfully

Hi @herman,

the installation of sen2cor seems to be ok. Are you using the standalone version or you have installed it using Anaconda? Are you able to run it from command line?

I have installed it using Anaconda.,then I try to using the standalone version .I was able to run it from command line.. “L2A_Process.bat” have been involved snap “bin”.but I can’t check “sen2cor” in “available plugins”.Would you tell me how to solve the problems?


the standalone version of sen2cor is not compatible with version 5 of SNAP, it will be integrated in version 6 when released (in version 6 beta is not yet integrated). So, I would suggest to use the standalone version via the command line and when version 6 is released, then install the sen2cor plugin and use sen2cor from SNAP.