Error stamps (2,2) array size

Hello everyone,
I am using StaMPS with GAMMA data since recently. When I launch the step 2 of processing I have this error message that appears :
I’ve already check matlab settings to increase array size, but it doesn’t change anything. Please help me.

If your arrays are very large Matlab settings may not solve the problem. How much RAM does the system provide, and how large are the arrays? “More information” should help.

Don’t know exactly the array’s size but i work with 102 images, and their size are 25352*1516. I make 36 patches, 6 in azimut and 6 in range. For the RAM, i work in a professionnal computer, in teleworking with VNC, i think there is 30Go. I think RAM is not the problem.

You should check the available memory. There can be “memory leaks” for some background process or a hung job consuming large amounts of RAM. Linux provides tools to monitor RAM usage, and Matlab can also report on memory usage, so it should be easy to get some actual data to rule out a RAM problem.

I got this :
When i run StaMPS, the CPU’s up to 50% but not more. I don’t think it’s the problem ?

Low CPU usage usually means there is a bottleneck somewhere. Are you using some sort of network file storage? Mass storage tends to get slower when the filesystem is
nearly full. Is Max resident set from cat /proc/self/limits other than “unlimited”?

I work in a Virtual Machine. The folders with the data are on home/myname/partage, and MatLab is on an other disk. StaMPS is in : usr/local/StaMPS. Maybe the differents locations are the problems?
“Is Max resident set from cat /proc/self/limits other than “unlimited”?” I don’t understand your question, i’ve one file wich name is “limits” in ressources/MATLAB/en :

should be run in a terminal. /proc/self/limits is not an actual file. Linux allows use of filesystem semantics to view and sometimes alter system parameters. /proc/self/limits is a list of current settings for your login. If your workstation is shared with other users Matlab may be configured to prevent limit the RAM available to each user. In Matlab, check the size of your arrays with whos. Matlab performance and memory explains Matlab’s memory management.

I found it. I think it’s ok :
I try to use “whos” but it doesn’t work. Maybe the array is not create ?
I try : whos(‘ph_grid’), whos(‘ps_est_gamma_grid’, ‘ph_grid’) and whos(’-ps_est_gamma_grid’, ‘ph_grid’)

It appears that something is limiting you to 8G RAM. Can you show us
your Matlab Workspace Preferences window?

I doubt your problem is specific to StaMPS. Can you create a large array (say 12GB) in Matlab?

Matlab has excellent documentation and support, and a much larger user community, so you may get answers more quickly using Matlab resources.

This is the preferences :

Yes, i just tried with x=zeros(40000,40000) and it does working. Ok, i will go ask there maybe i can have an answer. Thanks.

Matlab may not actually allocate the space for a constant array or even one based on a vector with constant step size. Try creating the same size array filled with random values.