Error the product "... contain raster of different size"

I am trying to obtain chlorophyll concentration in inland waters. My objects of investigation are very small so Landsat is not as good option as Sentinel. As I did some basic research the most useful sentinel images are S2L1C (need less pretreatment) compared to S2L2A for example. When I try to do “Optical” function than “Thematic water procession” and then some of the algorithms I usually receive an error I usually have that error like" … the product contain raster of different size and cannot be processed"
My question is is there some basic or special image processing techniques after loading the image and before optical algorithms application?

due to the multi-resolution characteristics of S2 products you need to resample the data to a common resolution. You can either use

  • the S2Resampling which is located in the menu at Optical / Geometric / S2 resampling Processor
  • the generic Resampling which is located in the menu at Raster/ Geometric Operations / Resampling

The first gives more accurate results, because it considers some specifics of S2 data. The second one might be a bit faster.

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Many thanks for the quick reply! I’m trying the first option, so its taking unexpectively long time.
Whit the risk of being tedious, is there some general guideline in MSI S2L1C image processing? Or where should I post this question?

You have posted your question at the right place. For general guidance you might want to look at our tutorials.

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