Error unwrapping

hello guys,

The location that I processed does not show any deformation, but what do these values mean? so it looks like there is a deformation

Please show a screenshot of the interferogram before unwrapping.
There is lots of vegetation in the study area.

that interferogram after filtering

Your phase is completely decorrelated. I’m afraid you cannot retrieve any reliable information from that.
Phase unwrapping only works if you have clear patterns in your interferogram. Vegetation at the ground largely destroys coherent signals.

It is explained in our tutorials at various points:



yup sir the location is filled with forest area.
my only problem is forest are, right?

im sorry sir,

what do you think about this interferogram. and this different study area

im sorry im asking to much

no need to apologize. The other interferogram isn’t really better. Please keep in mind that this is the true purpose and function of unwrapping:


If you don’t see any pattern in the original interefrogram, you will end up with random results.
image source

OK sir, thanks for your answer

@ABraun Sir, i’m also having the same problem as @maldinf . I’m followed the given tutorial on Stripmap Interferometry updated in July, 2021 and get this result.

I’ve visited other threads about Snap Unwrapping and try many different ways like changing the numbers of Tile Rows, Columns,Overlaps, TOPO, SMOOTH, DECO, or MST, MCT, but none of them worked.

Doesn’t look too bad to me. Have you checked if the topographic phase was removed during interferogram formation? Looks like topographic phase contributions are still in the interferogram.

I’ve found the solution, it turns out that i need to change
my rows and columns’s value to 15 x15. Sorry for the delay. Thank you, sir!

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