Error when calculating backscattering of polarisation VV

Hello everybody! I have a problem when calculating the backscattering in bach, I do it with the next graph and in the final result image, the VH polarization makes it well but the VV polarization does not. What can be the error? I do not know what to do. thank you very much for the help.

That’s a huge graph which hurts performance (throughput). You should split it and see until when everything is still ok. How about starting with (for example):


Also, linear-to-dB should be last - now the interpolation in terrain-correction is going to distort the values.

sorry, but as you say it gives me another error…

The error indicates that the graph is still to large.


no way I have a computer with 128 GB of RAM.

What is the maximum memory you have set?

I have 120GB

please reduce the variable to around 100 GB

I assume my thread from 3 weeks ago is related:

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