Error when importing the PolSARPro product into SNAP toolbox

I have a problem when I was trying to import the PolSARPro product into SNAP. I always have the error message like that.

First, I imported the Palsar-2 level 1.1 into PolSARPro toolbox to geocoding and polarization decomposition. And then I imported the PolSARPro product into SNAP because I want to convert this product into .tiff file. I clicked the link of File/Import/SAR Format/PolSARPro. But it didn’t work. My computer is window 10. I used PolSARPro 5.1.2 and SNAP Desktop new version.
Please help me to fix this problem.

Is it an option to do the decomposition and geocoding directly in SNAP?
Both should be fully supported actually.

There are not the full function of decomposition in SNAP. For example, I can not find the Arii decomposition or RVOG PolSAR in SNAP tool.

I see, sorry for the misunderstanding.

Hi Sap,

Have you found the solution to this problem?


Has anybody found the solution to this problem. It will really help me complete my work soon