Error when opening Sentinel 3 FRP Product with SNAP

Hi everyone,

I have a problem when opening Sentinel 3 FRP product with SNAP version 9.0.8.
I have this error in the lower right corner: "The Product S3A_SL_2_FRP…SEN3 already contains a band with the name ‘flags’.
I’ve just sarted to use SNAP when opening AOD data a few days before and it works but when I opened FRP data, it always shows this error even I make the automatic update.

Thank you all for you help,


Hi @Mbolanjara07,
Could you provide the name of the product?

Hi @diana_harosa

Thank you so much. Here is the product: S3A_SL_2_FRP____20221009T062803_20221009T063103_20221010T151105_0179_090_362_3240_PS1_O_NT_004.SEN3

I downloaded it from the Copernicus Browser.

Dear Mbolanjara07,

the issues you are experiencing are caused by a format change in the FRP data format. Support for this updated data format has not been integrated into SNAP yet.

We are planning to implement this feature (and a more comfortable visualisation of the FPR data) early next year.

With best regards,


Thank you @TomBlock TomBlock,
Is there another tool where i can open FRP Sentinel 3 data?


As a workaround, you can open the variables you are interested in directly. The SAFE format for FRP stores the data as NetCDF files - these can be opened directly with SNAP.

Also, you can use any application that allows to read NetCDF files - I am often using HDFView:


Thank you so much TomBlock.
I’m gonna try them.