Error when opening WideFine Radarsat-2 product

I’m having trouble viewing/processing some large RADARSAT-2 images in SNAP/S1TBX. There seems to be two separate but related issues:

In the first case, using a Fine Wide product (F0W1, HH), an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is thrown when attempting to open the Amplitude_HH band in the viewer. No image or preview is ever displayed.

In the second case, for two different Fine Wide products (F0W1 HH/HV and F0W1 VV/VH), when opening any of the bands the images appear partially malformed (see the attached screenshot). No errors are thrown, but the image is unusable and other processing (e.g. calibration) fails.

We have other Fine Wide products that open, view and process successfully.

I believe this issue is related to the size of the TIF file. In all cases, the individual TIF files for each band is over 4 GB. The software seems to have no issues with opening the TIF file directly (see the other attached screenshot), however it fails when trying to view the band as part of an opened product. Searching the forum uncovered this thread where it appears the issue was reported and resolved for the TIF file itself: Extra fine RadarSat-2 image (XF0W2).

Any suggestions on ways that I can get these products to open successfully in SNAP? The behaviour appears when using v4.0.0 (Windows x64 installer version from and also when building from the master branch on github.