Error when processing Sentinel-1


Dear SNAP developers and users,
I am a new user of SNAP, I tried to process Sentinel-1 data, the first step is radiometric-calibration, after this I wanted to do geometric correction, I used Geometric-ellipsoid correction-average height range-doppler, but error occurred, the error message is
Is there anyone know what’s the problem? It would be appreciated if someone could help me out on this.
Many thanks,


Hi @dlydai,
first of all, let me welcome you as a new SNAP user.

If you have a question, it’s good when you open a dedicated thread for it. I did this for you.

The error message is hardly readable in the image. Can you attach it in a higher resolution?
I see it says that the product can’t be written. can you check the path and if you have write permission?


Hi marpet,
Thanks for your reply. The error message is :
A problem occurred during processing the target product processing.
Type: operatorException
Message: Not able to write product file “C:\Users\mfh278\Downloads\calibration data\S1B_EW_GRDM_1SSH_20170516T110027_20170516T110132_005622_009D90_52A4_Cal_EC”

even if I changed the path, the same error happened.


What output format did you select?


I can do other correction, such as stereographic_south_pole, WGS84. but I can not do polar stereographic.


I’m not sure but maybe the EW mode is not compatible with polar stereographic projections. Where is your data located?


my data is located in the antarctic. Somebody hasd used sarscape to get it .


what happens when you use WGS84 as an output? Maybe you can re-project afterwards.