Error when setting a reference area in StaMPS

I’ve been trying to set a reference area in stamps to obtain the absolute rate of subsidence relative to that area compared to the mean velocity of the entire study area.

When I set the reference point, I get this error:

I’ve tried increasing the radius all the way up to 10,000, yet nothing seems to work. it keeps saying 0 ref PS selected.

Here is what my output looks like if anyone is interested.

Did I mess up anywhere along the line?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Tristopher1 ,

you set the parameter like this:

setparm('ref_centre_lonlat', [13.7 100.73])

is it possible that you exchanged lon and lat? lat can not be >90. Thus no point is selected because the coord is out of bounds Try:

setparm('ref_centre_lonlat', [100.73, 13.7])

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Hello Thho,

I am embarrassed to call myself a geography student! I cannot believe I got the lat and lon mixed up!

Thank you so much helping me realise my blunder.

:smiley: I have been there too …many times