Error when Snaphu Export

Hello people,

i follow this tutorial to get an Interferogram. It worked verry well. Now i trying to unwrap this but i get a error when i try to Export the product.

After i succesfully create the Interferogram i delete all previously products and only save the last product. May i need a product from the previous steps?

May you can help me :wink: Thanks!

The error message is quite explicit. In your subset, don’t forget the coherence band so you can perform your “snaphu export”

In addition, why deleting all previous results ? Do you analyze interferogram without having a look at coherence ?

Hey thanks for your answer…

i have to delate it because i am running out of free space on my ssd.

I have only two bands the Intensity and the Phase band.

This are the steps i do:
Co-register the data
Form the interferogram
TOPS Deburst
Topographic Phase Removal
Multi-looking & Phase Filtering

the interferogram step should include the generation of a coherence band. You will have to go back to the step when coherence was still included in your product.
Also, you shouldn’t perform multi-looking and geocoding for DInSAR processing (this is only included in the given tutorial for optical reasons).

Ok i get the coherence band. Thank you!

I use this graph

and Topographic Phase Removal + Goldstein Phase filtering. And theres a coherence Band left and the Snaphu Export works.