Error when trying to mosaic Sentinel 2 - weird result stretched over the globe

I’m trying to mosaic some adjacent Sentinel 2 tiles together over an area of Russia. I’ve resampled the tiles to 10 metres and put them into the mosaicing operation where I’ve chosen bands 2, 3 and 4 and set it to use “Auto UTM” as shown below.

The result I get seems weird, where the mosaic is stretched over a huge part of northern Russia and is clearly incorrect.

For reference, the actual distribution of the tiles are as below:

Any advice on what I have done incorrectly would be great.


Can you show the Map Projection Definition tab. Maybe there is something wrong.
Also can you try to reproduce the error and attach the messages.log file here.
You find it, when you go in the menu to Help / Show Log Directory.

I just did the same (only on 20m resolution, to safe time) and it worked.


Here is the Map Projection Window and the messages log messages.log (270.0 KB)


That’s the problem.
The region spans to many UTM zones that’s why it look so strange afterwards.
Longitude is set to the range from -15 to 30 degree. These are the default value which are set when the mosaic dialog is shown the first time.
For me the mosaic bounds are updated with every product.
So it seems the stack overflow error breaks the update of the bounds.

Can you provide me the resampled data?
I’ll send you a ftp location in a separate message.

Meanwhile, you can try to work around this problem by setting the bounds manually.

Ah OK, thanks for the info.

If you go to and use Claim ID: C9JANzqT2R7Ey95u Claim Passcode: jFrJkzZ2jEBiC4U2 you can get the original data. The resampled data is too large for me to upload (> 80 GB). I will try updating the bounda

It seems to work using the Multi-size Mosaic using the original images, but only if it is saved as a temporary file. As soon as I try savbing it to disk the result is greyed out. I tried resampling the temporary file and writing it to a TIFF but it doesn’t seem to get anywhere

Thanks for the help

The issue should be fixed with the next release. But I don’t know yet when it will be available.