Error when using estimate land energy fluxes operator

When I tried to calculate land energy fluxes using the operator as described in the SEN4ET user manual v1.1.0 I encountered the next error:

Reading the error i guessed it’s something about the arrays dimensions so I thought that the second input (LST view zenith angle product) was wrong. I was right. The LST view it is described as the result S3 pre-processing graph but instead the right input should be the result of the Warp to template operator because there is the correct geometry reprojected. It’s a tip if someone will encounter this problem and for the developing team to change the description of the input in the user manual.

Here is a screenshot of the input described in the user manual: error_source

Also a lot of thanks for the developers team, it’s a great work. Cheers!

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I’m also stacked here with a different error. If you are able to calculate land surface energy flux, please let me know.

I was able to calculate land surface energy flux and evapotranspiration also. My post was a tip for other users and for the developing team that the user manual have some typo issues. :smile:

Thanks @GeorgeB for posting this tip for others and for finding the mistake in the manual :slight_smile: Figure 2.4 has it correct (HR observation geometry is an input) but indeed there is a mistake in section We’ll fix this soon.

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@radosuav the community thanks you. Great work and great plugin too! Cheers!

Hi, I am unable to calculate land surface energy. Can provide me some guideline?

@janardanroy Please give some more details about your issue. You are encountering a specific error or something more specific?

Can you check the post , I had created. There is missing file but I don’t know the reason.

i got daily evapotranspiration .dim(result) file but its a completely same colour. can any confirm me, whether i got right result or wrong one. here iam sharing my result. iam using SEN ET plugin for calculations.